Month: January 2016

Welcome to McCune & Cousins: Southern Roots & Front Porch Stories! After 20 years of genealogy research, I’m going modern with an online blog to share stories of our family ancestors. They are real life stories – enlightening, sad, funny, heart-warming and gut-wrenching. They inform and shape who our family members are today. They make us think and point us toward our future. They are people like us, who do good things and make mistakes. I explore their lives with compassion and humility. In our…

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Welcome to my family history blog on the ancestry line of the McCune and Cousins families of Georgia and Alabama. My genealogy research and stories begin with my grandparents, Willie H. McCune and Mable Cousins of Girard, Alabama, and Columbus, Georgia, and go up our family tree to include the lives, loves, joys and sorrows of our ancestors who founded their homes in the American South. These are our front porch stories.