Do You Remember?

These are just a few of my childhood memories when Granddaddy and Grandmother McCune lived on 19th Street in Columbus, GA:

I remember…….

Grandmother’s buttermilk and lard biscuits running with melted butter.

fried grouper and flounder, caught by Granddaddy in Destin, FL, cooked in a black iron skillet on the kitchen stove. No outdoor deep fryer for grandmother!

Willie McCune,one of many Destin, FL, fishing trips
Willie McCune enjoying one of many Destin, FL, fishing trips

heavy quilts on the fold-down sofa bed on cold winter nights.

gas space heaters to fight off the chill.

the creaking of the front porch swing and the bumpy rocking chairs on the wooden front porch as we tried to catch any cooling summer breezes.

the aromas from Craig’s Bakery wafting into the yard.

Willie and Mable McCune, 19th St., Columbus, GA,
Willie and Mable McCune, 19th St., Columbus, GA

dirt yards and no grass, but how much better to play in!

the faded red panel truck that Granddaddy drove.

running through the cold hallway to get to the heated bedrooms on winter nights.

browsing through Aunt Rossie’s comic book collection. Archie was my favorite!

Granddaddy’s packs of Camel cigarettes!

his thick, wavy white hair.

Grandmother’s quiet voice and kind hugs.

the scent of her Jergen’s lotion hand cream.

walking to the service station below the house with Granddaddy for special ice cream treats.

the bathroom and refrigerator on the sloping, unheated back porch and taking a bath in the claw foot tub.

Easter egg hunts and Christmas celebrations at Uncle James and Aunt Lucille’s.

McCune cousins, Easter 1965, all except Jeff
McCune cousins, Easter 1965, all except Jeff

Grandmother’s homemade ambrosia and Lane cakes.

Uncle Billy’s Boxer and Aunt Vivian’s cuckoo clock.

the uncles playing horseshoes while they took turns cranking the homemade ice cream churn on a hot summer evening.

delicious food, laughter, love and good times!
What do you remember? Please share some of your favorite memories in Comments!


  1. Loved this post. I’m always writing about memories. I’m also from Georgia and called my grandparents the same names. Too many memories for me to share, but it def could be a story for me in the future, pulling memories from my stories. I’ll link back to yours when I do. i enjoyed your memories.

    March 15, 2016
    • Christine Ellington said:

      Thanks for your comment, Jeanne! We’re blessed to have some wonderful childhood memories!

      March 15, 2016
  2. Phyllis King said:

    I came upon your blog while trying to find some geanological info about my biological father Alfred…or Fred McCune. I was an illegitimate progeny of He and Helen Marie Howard Belt . I understand he was a truck driver who drove for a business out of Atlanta Georgia. I was told he was married at the time.. I was in hopes you had information in your geanolgy regarding this man. I am now 63 years old so I’m sure he is now deceased.

    March 4, 2017
    • Christine Ellington said:

      For my readers, I have already communicated with Phyllis privately. She agreed to publicly post this inquiry in case someone researching McCunes who knows of an Alfred McCune will see it and respond. Best wishes to you, Phyllis.

      March 25, 2017
      • Phyllis King said:

        Thank you so much . You have gone above and beyond to try to help me with my search. God bless you.

        March 25, 2017

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